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November/December, 2011 - Cheshvan/Kilev/Tevet 5772

Album: Walk On Water
By: Deborah Kline and Vince Iantorno
11 tracks
Review by Meg Weinberg

From the opening drums and driving bass, Deborah Kline Iantorno’s Walk on Water will bring a smile to every world-beat fan—and most everyone else! Her message is crystal clear as the words of “Who Is the One” call out the Scriptural details of the prophetic identity of Messiah, echoing the rhetorical formula of Proverbs 30. Kline-Iantorno’s own questions lead to the musical answer, which she rhythmically and joyfully cries out: “Yeshua Adonai!” An upbeat, promising start to the project.

What marks Deborah Kline’s approach to Messianic music in this new CD is her ultra-personal commitment to the message, song and mission of the music which come across on every track. A collaboration between Deborah and husband Vince Iantorno, the two have combined their excellent gifts to write and record a beautiful strong mixture of praise, dance and prayer songs.

“This is the Year (Isaiah 61)” begins with a haunting Middle Eastern call to worship. When Deborah imparts the words of the prophet, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, for He has anointed me to bring the Good News,” she makes you believe that she is answering a personal call to bear a message close to her own heart. If you have any doubt, listen to the earnestness of “Purify Me,” whose honesty comes through with every repetition of the refrain (“Purify my heart, purify my thoughts, purify my lips and make me holy, purify my ways, purify my hands, make me holy unto You.

“Children of the Lord” is going to be a favorite dance number for congregations and dance troupes alike. Already an anticipated performer at Messianic conferences, Deborah admonishes here, “Wake up, wake up, your God is calling you. Shuva Israel to Adonai Echad” [Return, Israel, to the One God]. Her call is strong, rhythmic, and relentless without becoming strident, drawing the listener up to a higher place.

Deborah’s husband Vince is credited with all the guitar work, which is absolutely top notch. It provides an edge of currentness that creates arrangements that are relevant and contemporary. His presence throughout the project elevates it everywhere without drawing attention away from the vocals or message.
If you are looking for an anthem, “The Glory of the Lord Has Come” certainly qualifies. With a big arrangement, lush chords and a patient tempo, the chorus has noble bearing, with lyrics that suit the occasion:
“Handed down from the day of Creation A promise of love to us, Yeshua our salvation, Filling our emptiness, Your Spirit you have given, The Glory of the Lord has come!”
The straightforward, emotional guitar riffs—pleasing everywhere they are added—keep the song from becoming too precious.

The sultry, intimate, jazzy sound of “Walk on Walter” is a welcome change in rhythm and style. The refrain, “I will put my trust in Adonai,” is not oversung, overproduced or overstated; the honesty that characterizes the whole recording resonates in yet a new way.

The personal conversation between voice and guitar on “Watchman,” the final cut on the CD, is a perfect conclusion to this strong fusion; speaking in the first person plural, Deborah sings, “Teach us, Lord, to be not afraid.”

There is a vibrant, live quality to this production, both in Deborah’s singing as well as in the connection between her and the music around her. She flourishes in all tempos, rhythms and genres presented on Walk on Water. The quality of the project and the proficiency and sincerity of the performance translate into a very rewarding listening experience.

"Deborah Kline-Iantorno's talented vocal style brings life to each song, and accomplished guitarist and husband Vince Iantorno praises the Lord throughout this wonderful CD with his excellence in guitar playing. The album “Glorious Day” is an example of excellence in music before the Lord." two shofars up!

Phil Pearlman,

JHouse Publishing

"Rousing and inspirational, Deborah Kline-Iantorno's musical style is passionate, some with a Latin beat. Includes a uniquely joyous Messianic Jewish perspective on the Messiah's return. Recommended by worship leaders Marty Goetz and Ted Pearce as an outstanding new artist."

J.P., JHouse Publishing


2010 Yavo Awards - Winner "Best Female Psalmist"

Just came back from our Tour in Canada where 8 people gave their heart to the Lord after out testimony! Praise God.. May He be glorified ALWAYS!

Also received a call from WTRC Messianic Radio, telling me that I received the 2010 Yavo Award, as "Best Female Psalmist"! All for His glory!!! Thank You Lord!

ARTIST:Vince and Deborah Kline- Iantorno
CURRENT RELEASE: Dancin' in the New Jerusalem
CIN: 20100484010
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